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Khador Warcaster

Mikaelvich Tezlok, Master Mechanik

In his youth, Mikael has always been fasinated by machinery and constantly dreamed of wondrous machines to improve and glorify the motherland. When he was 17 winters old he eagerly applied to join the battle mechaniks corp to study the metal marvels up close. Despite his ability to learn fast and fix faster, his was reprimanded for constantly tinkering and altering the tried and tested designs of the warjacks as his tampering had unpredictable effects, they most of the time gave the jack improved performance but sometimes caused mechanical failures at the most inconvenient of times. He was delegated to frontline duty with no squad and wasn't allowed to fix anything but a single Rager. They hoped giving him a ornary and outdated model will get rid of his eagerness to experiment, maybe get him to shut up about impossible machines like horseless carriages, moving picture boxes, or balloon mounted headquarters. However, one fateful engagement had him and his rager separated from the rest of his regiment in a retreat. The jack was inactive due to lack of warcasters around. Leaving it behind, he ran to what he thought was safety and into a Cygnaran gunmage messenger. Beaning the pansy's brain out with his wrench he grabbed the contents of the mage's bag and ran back, as there were more of them coming. When he face-planted into the Rager in his mad panic to flee, it revved back to life and moved to shield him from incoming shots. Realizing what happened, he controlled it to discard its gladius, pick him up and pumped magical focus into the jack to sprint the hell out of the city. It was only after several kilometers outside of the city and in the wilderness did he remember that Ragers, Berserkers, and mad dogs violently exploded if you allocated focus into them. Yet the Rager kept going, rushing through the trees as fast as its aged and outdated servos can with little sign of overloading. He spent a day in the forest, trudging behind the Rager and near its boiler to keep warm. When he made it back to camp he was promoted to journeyman warcaster and was allowed to keep the Rager as a reward for the intel (much to the confusion of the commanding officer). He quickly learned how to command an army and proved himself time and again on the battlefield and was offered a place as a professor at the Khadoran Institute of Engineering. He turned this down to focus on the battlefield as it allowed him to quickly field test his experiments and gave him a chance to acquire, study, and experiment on foreign machiney from defeated armies.

By the Gods! A massive walking ball of electric energy and highly advanced mechanikal might! I WANT IT! Widowmakers, aim for the stormsmiths piloting it! Juggernauts, Latch onto its legs so it wont get away! Greylords, get the doomreavers to clear a path to the enemy warcaster for the winterguard deathstar to deal with him!


SPD slow
STR high
MAT high
RAT average
DEF average
ARM high
CMD high
FOC low
Damage Boxes average

FEAT: technopathy
Takes control of 2 enemy non-character light warjacks or 1 enemy non-character heavy for the round with all their special abilities for him to use.

Iron Hand: A custom made, two handed, nasty looking wrench that doubles as an battle axe, high POW.
Magical Weapon
Critical Knockdown

Gauntlet Gun: medium POW weapon with ROF 3
Free shot: if you make two successful melee attacks you get extra attack with the wrist gun with gun fighter

Special abilities:
Elite Cadre [Man-o-War]: grants them Tough and re-rolls on failed attacks.
Iron Sentinel
Might of the Machine: Warjacks in his battle group get a DEF, MAT, and STR buff.
Cortex Care: Jacks with Unstable are much less likely to explode. Except Drago though.

Steel Flurry: friendly warjack gets three focus free attacks but with reduced accuracy
Control Construct: control an enemy mechanical construct and make a single action, cannot control undead or anything with a soul.
Internal Failure: Enemy warjack suffers debuff to all its stats except ARM and cannot use focus.
*Critical: Enemy jack cannot be used for one turn.
Iron Menace: at the cost of SPD, target unit/model gains increased ARM and STR.
Sucker Blast: Warjack/beast take damage to and cannot use targeted limb. other models just get stunned.
Unsure Footing: Large aoe spell with medium upkeep, models in or going through take 1 damage per inch have a chance to be knocked down. Warjacks/Beasts that get back up have a chance of slipping and falling back down and taking damage again.

Character Warjack

Patriot [Rager]

Aged, outdated, and expendable, Patriot cares little of its flaws and less of its own existence. It  has constantly thrown itself into harms way to protect the people of Khador. It treats even horses and cargo more important than its own well being as long as they have the symbol of the empire on them. Now retrofitted by Tezlock with better servos and weaponry, Patriot is more eager than ever to give its life defending the interests and children of the motherland.

SPD Average
STR High
MAT high
ARM Very High
Base size Large

Serrated Gladius: +2 Power than regular gladius
Weapon Master
Offensive Shield: Deals more damage than regular shields
Shield: buffs ARM
Improved Cannon: Just as powerful as regular shield cannon but with a very small AOE

Special Abilities
Overprotective can used shield guard 3 times
Affinity (Tezlok) Can make a free ranged attack at the start of every turn
Imprint [Protect] spend one focus point to take all attacks directed at a model it is B2B with and suffer only half damage

fun rule: should the warcaster controlling Patriot die, Patriot immediately charges toward his/her killer, pushing aside and knocking down all models in its path before exploding (10 AOE and 23 POW)
Iron Kingdoms: Warmachine Fan Warcaster
I'll admit, I'm a fan of the game but I've never really played it. I'm in love with the setting but I'm unable to play it due to having no money and the fact the noone in my country plays tabletop wargames. The closest we got to Iron Kingdoms or any wargame at all is chess. However, I love looking at the models and viewing the Privateer Press, BattleCollege, and TV Tropes pages about it. I kind of have my imagination run wild with new ideas about the game, but since I don't play it or have any books about it (everything I know about it is taken from the sites I mentioned and the youtube battle reports kinda bore me for some reason), I can only imagine, possibly poorly, how it would be like. Despite this, my mind dwells on the land of Immoren and the Iron Kingdoms with ideas of fan characters and crossovers. I put this up here to see what people think and maybe be enlightened more on the conflicts of the setting.

For the few watchers I have and most likely don't know what I'm talking about, heres a run down:

Iron Kingdoms is a fantasy setting that has steampunk elements on a continent called Immoren on a planet called Caen. It used to be a standard Dungeons and Dragons setting until a bunch of hellish invaders called the Orgoth came, crushed the divided kingdoms with black magic, and brutally oppressed and tortured the inhabitants for hundreds of years until the races and kingdoms united, invented steam powered machines and guns, and drove the Orgoth out. The newly made "Iron Kingdoms" are the collection of nations made from the treaty of coris to prevent any more petty squabbling. It went well at first but now its all out war made from petty grudges and religious intolerance.


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Yes, really. I made one dirty comment on facebook that I deleted after my mom saw and now I can't watch any form of video.

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