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Despite Mike squirming from the pain 'like a ninny' (according to Lucy at least), battle began to sway back into a stalemate. Which was good compared to them losing. However, they have already lost pokemon on both sides. Leo's Blaziken and Aeris' Magnezone and Hitmonlee have fainted, but so have Mike's Gardevoir and Lucy's Empoleon and Togekiss as well. But it looks like Lucy's Roselia might stand a chance against Seviper. Meanwhile, both Leo and Mike's Lucarios duke it out in a battle of the auras.

Mike: Lucario, use Bone Rush!

Leo: Do the same Lucario!

The Lucarios obeyed and both materialized an energy bone and charged. Both attacks hit each other, creating a shock wave that was felt by both sides. The Lucarios then started exchanging blows with their energy bones, parries, evades, and ripostes were made, but neither side could land a hit.

Finally, a blow landed. One of the Lucarios was launched upward by the force of the strike.

Mike: Use Aura Sphere!

Leo: Lucario do that too!

The Aura Spheres were launched, collided, and exploded, scattering dust all over.

Mike and Leo: Use Close Combat!

Mike: (exasperated) Stop copying me!

The Lucarios then charged once again, but this time the attacks hit their mark. They managed to hit each other in the face. A moment passes before they both fell to the ground.

Leo: Drat, I was hoping to prolong that a bit further...

Mike: What do you mean?

Leo: Hah! I was hoping to confuse you and make you lose track of which is which! I bet you cant tell your Lucario from mine!

Mike: Can you?

Leo:... ****

Mike: Also, I have been keeping track.

Mike pulled out a poke-ball and recalled his Lucario.

Aeris: Guess I didn't need to keep track for you then, huh Leo?


Aeris: WHAT?!

Aeris' Seviper had been laying unconsious for quite some time now.

Aeris: How did this happen?! Why didn't the referee announce this?!?!

The referee, who was a clown seated on a badminton' referee chair, just woke up from his nap.

Referee: OH! uh... Hitmonle- I mean- Seviper is unable to battle!

Lucy: Hah! Guess we're gonna win this after all, huh roselia?

At this, her Roselia beamed with confidence.

Lucy's Roselia: ROSELI!-... ahhhh X(

Roselia suddenly fell over, fainted.

Lucy: What!?

Referee: Roselia has fainted from poison!

Aeris: It's up to you now Leo! Dont **** this up

Lucy: Mike! If you lose to that moron, I will never forgive you!

Mike: Don't worry, I brought my trump card!

Mike: Go Manaphy!

Aeris: YOU BROUGHT A LEGENDARY?!?! why didn't I think of that?

Leo: This is going to be easy, I came prepared for legendaries!

Leo: I choose you! Magikarp!

At this point, everyone present does the thing in anime where they are suddenly turned upside down and crash their head against the floor.

Aeris: We're doomed...

Lucy: Wow your stupid...

Mike: Are you serious? Manaphy use Bubble Beam!!!

Leo: Use splash!

Magikarp does what amounts to nothing, taking a beating from bubble beam. It is reduced to 1 hp.

Mike: Use Whirlpool!

Leo: Dodg it and use Flail!

The Whirlpool miraculously misses while flail hits its mark. Critical Hit! Mike's Manaphy Fainted! The Stadium fell silent, all were astonished/flabberghasted. The crowd stopped cheering, Aeris was speechless, Mike and Lucy were under the anime effects were they are colorless and the background was gloomy. The only thing breaking the silence was Leo's victorious yelling. He yelled as he ran around the battlefield. He yelled as he climbed the walls ran through the seats. He yelled as he embraced both his mom, who was in the crowd, and a yamask wearing a tophat and monocle, who used to be his dad in life.
Bittersweet Candy Bowl vs VG Cats Pokemon Battle 4
Yup, Magikarp OHKOink a Legendary has actually happened. Look it up on Youtube. However my teachers say that it was hacked so that might be the explaination. It was cool regardless.Dave Strider  On an unrelated note, he's what I think Augustus (aka Final Fantasy Cat) sounds like:…
The battle looked like it would go well for Mike... At first at least.

It appeared as though his Gardevoir was underleveled according to the power of its attacks. Which confused Mike, as he had level grinded to get her to 73. He never used rare candy, so why is-


Mike winced in pain

Mike: Ow, what?!


Mike: I can hear you just fine Lucy! Also, why should I do that?

Lucy: Why do you think we're losing!? She cant use her psychic attacks properly because she's too busy plugging your ears!

Mike realized she was right.

Lucy: Also, you look ridiculous with those on.

Leo: I AGREE! hehe, its hard to take you seriously when you look like you sneezed while holding you nose and inflated you eardrums lol!

Aeris: Leo, eardrums are not pink, they're white...

Leo: They're still funny to look at.

Mike: But the noise! I can't stand it!

Lucy: You're going make us lose to a retard and a psychopath, just because you cant handle a little cheering?

Mike: Alright! Fine! Gardevoir remove my plugs!

Gardevoir was reluctant to let her master endure the screaming crowds with his sensitive hearing. Especially since the cheering got louder when they saw Mike preforming poorly. Nonetheless, she did as she was told. Mike covered his ears at the sudden onslaught of sound. Aeris called back Seviper and picked another pokemon from her belt. Mike found this strange, since Seviper didn't take much damage. Even with the type advantage he had, Aeris' pokemon managed to only be scratched by minor blows, darting back and forth to avoid his attacks.

Aeris: Loudred, its your turn!


Instead of a Loudred, a Magnezone came out.

Aeris laughed.

Aeris: Got you!

Mike: Don't do that.


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Yes, really. I made one dirty comment on facebook that I deleted after my mom saw and now I can't watch any form of video.

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