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Pantsman: Canada's Prime Super-Zero
Pantsman was sprawled out on bed, desperately trying to sleep as his alarm clock blared at him. It was a night month, on a day month he is awake during the day and rests at night, while night months are the reverse. For the can't-be-bothered-to-remember-anymore-eth time, he had forgotten to reset the alarm to the appropriate time. Right now he is too tired to bother turning it off. He tries to muster enough strength and willpower to reach up and shut it, but remains as stationary as a rock on the bed. A while passes and he regains enough energy to turn his head and look angrily at the old wind up alarm clock, it is now ringing so hard it is moving to-and-fro on the night stand as though it was a sentient creature signaling him to be awake.
He realizes that it could not move like that on its own when several mounted pictures fell off the walls. He jolted up and saw that the whole room was vibrating. Excitement that he was experiencing his second earthquake quickly disappeared the moment
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Wars of the Wasteland: Raiders (incomplete)
The wretched of the earth
There are so many raider and slaver groups out in the wasteland that if I listed them all, 6/11ths listed would have ceased to exist and more would have been made as I finished. Raiders are a common threat in the wasteland, how much varies as there are those that can strike fear into the hearts of several settlements to those who can only match bloatflies in 1-on-1. They can be anyone from those exiled from villages for their evil ways to those who merely want to survive in this harsh cruel world that they live in. In the New England Commonwealth, the Gunners were a prominent raider group that were formed from the survivors of the US Army that organized to try to civilize the wasteland, being forced into resorting to more brutal tactics over the years and in a few generations lost their noble goal and became nothing but scumbags. The Forged believe that in order for Humanity to survive, it is to burn away its weaknesses through constant pain and conflict, feed
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Wars of the Wasteland: Texas Federation
Phoenix of America
Before the nuclear apocalypse, the Texas Commonwealth had the largest number of riots in the American continent. Texans are notorious for their hindered cultural progress due to political infighting (whether to lift certain restrictions and taboos or not), love of freedom, and obsession with firearms. The federal government imposed strict martial law, curfews, food rationing, conscription, and mandatory heavy labour in order to keep up the demand for weapons and men as well as order. This was seen by half the population as a betrayal of the very thing America stood for and now no longer wanted to be part of the greedy, decadent, and corrupt empire that was once a union of varying cultures and ideologies working for the common good.
It became a divided and war-torn wasteland before the bombs fell. To preserve morale, the government either covered up this fighting in the streets as small scale communist uprisings rather than state-wide killing of suffering civilians or
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Wars of the Wasteland: East Coast Brotherhood
Sentinels of Technology
The destruction of the Prydwen and the death of the last Maxson has dealt a huge blow to morale as well as a loss of leadership to the Brotherhood. With the loss of such a large force in the New England Commonwealth at the hands of a technologically inferior and disorganized force, many in the Brotherhood’s borders began to question the ability of their power armored overlords to protect them. They may not have question the rule of Lyons or Arthur when he was alive, but when Lyons died a series of ineffectual leaders followed before the leadership fell onto Maxson. Now with a sudden rise of mutant activity, they question if the same will happen before the Brotherhood gets a grip of things and prevents the carnage wrought by the Supermutants from consuming them. This leads to a rise of vigilante groups that do anything to ensure the survival of their own settlements, this includes raiding the Brotherhood and each other for resources.
The Prydwen was mainly
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Wars of the Wasteland: Caesars Legion
Harbingers of Civilization.
After the disastrous campaign in the Mojave, the death of Caesar soon after, and the slaughter that was Lanius’ reign as well as his assassination at the hands of his Praetorians. The Legion deteriorated into infighting as various centurions started wrestling for control over the Legion. This infighting has allowed the NCR to push into legion territory without much resistance. Many lands were taken from the Legion, with NCR rangers striking deep and destroying encampments as well as liberating slaves to live in the Republic. However, since the Courier had taken the position of president of the Republic, the progress in to legion territory has come to a standstill. Only rangers and veteran troops man the outposts and bases now, and only do so to keep an eye on the legion.
Though the Republic believes the Legion has been broken, and for a while it was, it has only been recuperating under the new leadership of a newly established Triumvirate, with Caesar
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Wars for the Wasteland: The NCR
A Bastion of Liberty
After the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the problems of the republic’s current status became apparent. The war hawkish attitude of President Kimball, the unreliable supply lines, poor equipment, rushed mediocre training, and ineffectual strategies of General ‘Wait and See’ Oliver had cost hundreds, if not thousands, of lives across the Mojave. These wouldn’t have been exposed if the real war hero of the Mojave, a package Courier, had decided that his adventure into and out of New Vegas would be the end of his journey. No bounty hunter, assassin, or bureaucrat could stop them as they sought to expose and remove the worst parts of the Republic. Greed, Love of Power, and Excessive Bureaucracy were ruthlessly stamped out. Crime bosses were killed or driven out, drug traffickers were cracked down on, even seemingly innocent mayors had been exposed as guilty of one crime or another. The corrupt in power couldn’t order their death or arrest as
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Fallout RTS: Wars for the Wasteland (edited)
Fallout RTS
Wars for the Wastelands
Fallout RTS functions similar to Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, and Command and Conquer series in terms of gameplay. It featuring a cover system, base building, resource gathering, and special abilities for the commanders and individual units. Set in the post-apocalyptic ruins of an irradiated dieselpunk/raygun-gothic style America that is the Fallout Universe, players take control of one of seven factions that are vying for control of the shattered continent and seek to rebuild it in their image.
The following Factions have been categorized by the “A Commander is You” tv tropes page. They will be further elaborated upon in their own page.
New California Republic
Based off the principals of the old world such as democracy and personal liberty, the NCR rapidly expanded its territories to gather resources and wealth that went into either the already bloated pockets of the rich or the military for further conque
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March of War Thanksgiving meme by SnipeSmash March of War Thanksgiving meme :iconsnipesmash:SnipeSmash 1 0
The Snarker and the Redneck pt.2
"Are you gonna hurry up or get shot? come on we gotta go!" The man called to his companion who then resumed walking. "Alright I'm coming." he said, following up with "By the way I forgot your name again do ya mind tellin' me what it was?"
"Ugh, again?" he groaned, with a sigh he said "It's Jonas Catholic, I keep telling you that, why do you keep forgetting?"
"Its cause I know a guy named 'Jones Christian' and your names are so similar that I get confused, I'm Benjamin Stross by th-"
"Yeah I know." Jonas interrupted "I didn't forget. And I know the guy your talking about, keep in mind that we're nothing alike."
"How?" Benjamin asked.
"Well for starters, he's a catholic. I'm a christian." Jonas said, followed up with "Looks like we're here lets go line up before we're executed."
All the conscripts lined up in rows in the center of the base, as disciplined as they can, and awaited what fresh announcements their drill sergeant will scream at them.
"ALRIGHT SHIT-STAINS!" The sergeant scream
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Random Thought
Law Enforcement-Grade Combat Clones
Genetically enhanced clones created and augmented specifically to serve as Policemen and SWAT teams.
Cloned from various martial arts experts and veteran marksmen from around the world, there are little differences between the clones save for the mechanical and genetic augmentations the more experienced clones have.
Combat style:
Various martial arts and fighting styles from around the world have been hard wired into them during their creation and honed afterwards.
The policemen use superior numbers, martial prowess and excellent marksmanship to overpower their enemies, they try to box in and intimidate their opponents to surrendering, and when that doesn't work, collateral damage is to be expected in the ensuring fire fight. In hand to hand combat alone few could last longer than 4 seconds against them, one on one or other-wise, the brutality is improved when equipped with a melee weapon.
SWAT use superior tactics, teamwork, fire power and a
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The Snarker and the Redneck
"Explain to me again why I'm doing this?" the man in the gravel asked his companion who's gun was aimed at him, his response was a simple "I forgot." at this the man stopped the non-sense he was doing, stood up, and stepped out of the small gravel pit and asked "Better yet, remind me why I was trying to swim in gravel?" "I forgot that too."
"And also, why do you have your gun trained on me?"
"I do?" the man said in surprise, taking a look at his gun.
"You mean you didn't know? Dude, you could've shot me!"
"Yeah, but I didn't, that's what counts right?"
"No its not! And-"
Before he could say another word a trumpet sounds, signalling the troops to gather at once.
"Nevermind, we'll talk later, right now we should go to the others before we get shot." The man then picks up his football helmet that he placed next to the pit before his swim.
"Okay" his partner said following him "'cause it's not like we have anything better to do, besides, getting shot is bad for my Cheetos."
"My Ch
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Mature content
Mission Preperation :iconsnipesmash:SnipeSmash 1 3
Mature content
The New America :iconsnipesmash:SnipeSmash 0 3
The Temptation preview
"Man, getting this much homework sure sucks. How 'bout you Emily?" A young schoolgirl asked her friend. "I feel just the same Martha, I sometimes wish the teacher would ease up on the stuff." Emily replied. "Sometimes? Why not all the time?" "Well, for starters he is just doing his job, and we are supposed to learn new things, even at home" "Boooring! You sound just like my mom." This is typical chatter between the girl students in the class of 1999-2000.
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Beginnings of Rage Part 3
Within the infinite confines of oblivion a fused womb of two opposing emotions drift in the eternal abyss, shadow and light, hate and love, darkness and purity, mix harmoniously. But this is not to last, for any moment now they will have to separate and their occupants to emerge into the mortal realm.
The two deities float within the for now fused womb, where there was pain, anguish and suffering, peace and tranquility is now felt. The God of hate is acting completely out of the manner he is supposed to. "You sure seem calm." She said in a playful manner, "What's calm?" he asked for, if you can recall, pain and suffering is ALL he used to know, but now he knows her. "Calm is something like right now, its quite, peaceful, serene." she explained. "What's peaceful and serene?"
"You don't know anything that I do, do you?
"And what makes you smart and me so dumb?
"I never said that... I just don't think either of use k
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How Zorn's head would look by SnipeSmash How Zorn's head would look :iconsnipesmash:SnipeSmash 0 0

Random Favourites

Knight colored by Fallen-Sun Knight colored :iconfallen-sun:Fallen-Sun 311 27 Heavy Armour by Taaks Heavy Armour :icontaaks:Taaks 240 6 Modern Ninja by L3monJuic3 Modern Ninja :iconl3monjuic3:L3monJuic3 174 14 Cute Black Dragon Hoodie by KayPikeFashion Cute Black Dragon Hoodie :iconkaypikefashion:KayPikeFashion 26,876 4,235 Attack on Spideypool by Red-Flare Attack on Spideypool :iconred-flare:Red-Flare 741 43 Heroes of the Storm by Mr--Jack Heroes of the Storm :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 9,613 445 Automaton by NOMANSNODEAD Automaton :iconnomansnodead:NOMANSNODEAD 534 74 MazingerZ vs. IronGiant by Chuckdee MazingerZ vs. IronGiant :iconchuckdee:Chuckdee 754 61 This stupid thing. by Koboldicus This stupid thing. :iconkoboldicus:Koboldicus 3 1 House Leo concept by L3monJuic3 House Leo concept :iconl3monjuic3:L3monJuic3 179 10 House Leo Footman by L3monJuic3 House Leo Footman :iconl3monjuic3:L3monJuic3 536 17 Lady Valeria | House Leo by L3monJuic3 Lady Valeria | House Leo :iconl3monjuic3:L3monJuic3 488 17 Footman | House Leo by L3monJuic3 Footman | House Leo :iconl3monjuic3:L3monJuic3 540 14 Centurion | House Leo by L3monJuic3 Centurion | House Leo :iconl3monjuic3:L3monJuic3 857 19 Do you even lift? by GirGrunny Do you even lift? :icongirgrunny:GirGrunny 262 25 Parappa The Rapper by Arashi120 Parappa The Rapper :iconarashi120:Arashi120 240 32


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13 things about me:

1. I'm Filipino.

2. Despite my nationality, I mainly speak english and have difficulty with my native tongue.

3. My brother brings his laptop to the study room during the day to work there, during the night he brings it back to our room to mic spam obscenities and rancorous laughter over League of Legends with his friends. I have to deal with this every night, as well as him constantly telling me to stop what I'm doing because I'm making him lag

4. I've been taking writing lessons and performing story telling assignments with a private teacher and only know am I realizing that I can post a few of my finished works here after some more editing.

5. I completely believe that hatred over race and gender is bad.

6. I also believe that there's no such thing as white privilege, as told by this black guy: 

7. I'm crap, but that's no reason to think there's no need or ability to improve.

8. I like Action, RPG, and Strategy games, with an inclination to either sci-fi, non-magical medieval, or post apocalyptic.

9. I would like to play multiplayer games, but my bad internet, coupled with the possibility of bloatware that I don't know about and may not be able to remove without factory reseting (which I don't know how to do and am too afraid to do without saving my files onto a usb that I dont have), I am unable to play with people online effectively.

10. I'm considering on becoming either a writer of either my own video game, cartoon, comic, or book series.

11. However, due to that I'm not very confident in my drawing skills. I don't know anyone who can put the images in my head into paper in the style that I want, (as in, I ask for my perky space cadet girl to be drawn as well as various details about her appearance and personality and they either get some details wrong, add their own spin on it without my say so and refuse to remove their changes, or get the details right but in a style I don't want.) For now I only see people having to imagine the details themselves through my words rather than through an actual picture. Then getting flooded with fanart of my characters with varying accuracy and decency.

12. I don't like it when people drop logic or even common sense to listen to their heart under the belief that the heart knows what's best. This is flawed logic because: first off, the heart you feel in your chest is just a muscle, it has as much knowledge and wisdom as your legs and arms, the rate at which it beats is determined by parts of your brain, the logic and instinct parts, through the situation. Second, it is the brain that houses the emotional centers of your body, and what you feel is determined just as much about the lessons you've learned and been taught as it is by nature. Which means your feelings can be as flawed as the logic you disregard. To put yourself and others through either short or long term debilitation or even potential danger because of 'feelings' is something I look at with contempt.

13. I like cute things

13 Questions from

!. Does anyone else accidentally try to capitalize numbers and end up with symbols instead?
Maybe but not me. At least I think not...

2. How old was Danny Fenton?
I 'unno.

3. Why do you draw/do whatever art it is you do?
Because I want to use my imagination for something inspiring to others and beneficial for me.

4. All mosquitoes deserve to die y/n?

5. Which is worse; the way sunscreen feels or getting sunburnt?
Sunburn, definitely. It happened to me once.

6. What is your favourite animal?
Dogs. Though I like cats and rabbits too.

7. Can you play an instrument?

8. Do you have any pets?
Used to. When I was a kid I had several birds given to me, but I released them cause I wanted them to be free. When I was ten, my family got a black German Shepard we named Simba. None of us knew how to train him so, although we loved him and played with him, we kept him in a cage often as a guard dog as he would attack anyone he didn't know. He died last year of old age. We got several happy and energetic replacement puppies, who all died from diseases they contracted from the garden. We assumed the plants may be poisonous to them (Simba didn't get sick cause his slightly mixed genes, diet, and health care made him very robust) so we told our mom to remove them. She values her plants over dogs.

9. Do you believe in parallel universes?

10. Have you ever been to a country other than the one that you live in?
Yes, I once went to Hong Kong Disneyland, as well as Singapore.

11. Do you know where I can buy cereal marshmallows without the cereal?
No, I don't know where and I don't know why you'd by those.

12. What's your favourite kind of color; brights, darks, pastels, desaturated, etc.?

13. One pillow or two?
Two or three. One to rest your head on, one to hug, the optional third one is to rest on your back.

13 Questions From Me

1. Who is your favorite Muppet?

2. What do you think would be the best real-life medieval weapon for a fantasy race of your choice?

3. What two pokemon do you think look cute together as a couple?

4. Can you give one of you favorite rivalries? (It can be sports teams, music makers, warrior vs warrior such as pirate vs ninja, fictional orgs, etc.)

5. Now, would you accept the added challenge as drawing your poke-couple as your chosen rivalry in a forbidden love scenario? (anthro-form optional)(NSFW not wanted)

6. What thing in your house do you want to smash the most?

7. Do you think the samurai and katana are good but are way too overhyped?

8. Why do we bake cookies and cook bacon?

9. Do you ever feel like I'm someone is in the room without seeing them. Only to look and see no one there? 

10. What is the minimum number of tabs you have at all times?

11. Why is your head like that?

12. Have you ever tried to punch someone only to wake up from your dream hitting something else?

13. What do you deem more important, using the bathroom or finishing a video?

People I'm hoping that I'm tagging properly:…


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